nServices Demo

A note about nServices app demo

Consumer App

Download the consumer app from Google Play Store.

Signup Using Mobile Number or Google+ or Facebook.
Enter OTP as 1111
You can also signin to existing account, Mobile: 7777700001 Password: 123456


Consumer App: On-Demand Services

In app home screen you will see a table of services. Except CAB and FOOD all other services are on-demand services. These can be categorized based on pricing type.
Fixed Price Jobs

These services have a fixed price. There can be 2 sub-types in this. 1. Pay after job completion 2. Pay before job start. In Demo, 'Health' is a pay after job type, 'Beauty' is a pay before job type.

Hourly Jobs

For this type of services, Rate is configured per hour. In Demo, 'Plumber', 'Carpenter' are in this type.

Hourly Jobs (SP Configurable Price)

In this type, Admin sets the Min & Max hourly Rate. Service Provider sets his own price in the admin specified range. Consumer will be prompted to choose a budget group while booking this type of service. 'Electrician' service in configured in this type.

Visiting Charge Jobs

This category is for jobs for which price cannot be decided without seeing the job location & scope of work. Visiting charge is non refundable charge to consumer. Job cost is quoted by service provider after visiting the customer place.

On-Demand Service Booking

How it works?
  • When you book a service, eligible* service providers are notified one at a time with nearest provider given first preference.
  • If no providers accept the job, booking is auto-cancelled
  • If a provider accepts the job, consumer will get a notification
  • In Demo, when you signup, Rs.1000 is added to Wallet for testing purposes which can be used to pay for bookings. To pay using credit card use the following card info:
    Card Number: 5123456789012346 CVV: 123 Expiry Date: 05/2020
    Name on Card: nservices
  • You can install both consumer & service provider on the same phone for testing, but to test live tracking it is better to install service provider app on a different device.

Service Provider App: On-Demand Services

How it works?
  • When customer books a service, popup dialog is shown with the option to Accept or Reject job.
  • A job goes through multiple states. i.e Start to Customer Location > Reached Customer Location > Start Job > End Job
  • Start to Customer Location: When provider starts traveling to consumer location, he must tap this button. In this state, customer will be able to track the live location of provider in app.
  • Reached Customer Location: Provider will tap this button once he reached the service location
  • Start Job: When provides starts the actual work, i.e electrician, plumber etc, he must tap this button
  • End Job: When the job is completed, provider will tap this button. For hourly jobs, job total time & bill is calculated.

Cab/City Taxi Service

  • Pricing for Cab is based on cab type (Micro/Mini/Sedan) & distance traveled
  • When a cab is booked, all eligible* nearby# service providers(drivers) are notified. First accepted driver is assigned the trip.

Food Ordering

Only nearby restaurants are shown on the map. So in demo app, you may not see any restaurants on the map. You can change the service location to 4th T Block, Jayanagar, Bangalore to see sample restaurants.
  • Restaurants must be added from Admin > Restaurants > Add New
  • Restaurant Menu Items, price, pic must be added from Backend (Admin Area)
  • Delivery Staff must signup as 'Food' Service provider from Service Provider App
  • Admin must approve registered delivery staff

How Food Ordering Works?
  • When a food order is placed, order is displayed in backend
  • Admin/Support team must communicate the order details to the corresponding restaurant
  • Admin accepts the order
  • Admin assigns the delivery order to the delivery staff
  • Delivery staff gets the job notification in app(service provider app)
  • Delivery staff drives to restaurant location mentioned in job details
  • Delivery staff picks the parcel, taps 'Start to customer location' button on app
  • Customer can track the food delivery in his/her app
  • Delivery person taps 'Reached Customer Location'
  • Delivers the parcel to consumer, taps 'End Job' on SP App
  • If 'Cash on delivery' was selected during booking, amount to collect will be shown in SP app.
  • Delivery person collects the amount & taps, 'Cash Received'.
eligible* - Approved service provider who is ON THE JOB.
nearby# - A kilometer radius from customer location as configured by Admin.
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